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Jazzit Musik Club
Elisabethstr. 11,
5020 Salzburg, Austria
Tel ++43 662 883264
email: club@jazzit.at

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Dienstag, 21.05.2024 | 20.30 h | Bar | Eintritt frei

the Jazzit:Sessions
the Jazzit:Session - Complexblue

Complexblue returns with new music, new personnel, and a new sound! After a lengthy pause during which the members of the group spent their precious time searching for elusive inspiration—through travel, meditation, or most often, testing new complexities of their eponymously branded blue schnapps—the founding four: Lex, Marie-Kristin, Bene, and Robert, decided it was time to bring some new players into the band. Spark! New blood! And it worked. Complexblue always featured a sound—and a repertoire—that was unique and all-original from the beginning. But now, with the addition of trombone, tuba, and voice, the band's newly expanded expressive spectrum breathes and dances like never before! Complexity exists to help simplicity evolve in its purest form. Drop in on this Jazzit Session to hear how Complexblue has evolved. This is just the beginning.

Marie-Kristin Burger, flute
Lex O'Brien, vibraphone
Stefan Konzett, trombone
Cole Whittenburg, tuba
Bene Halus-Woll, bass
Robert Kainar, drums
and special guest: Stephanie Semeniuc, vocals

Eintritt frei